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Harry Potter Book Nook (DIY)

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This beautiful Harry Potter inspired book nook kit comes packaged with everything you need to create a unique, eye-catching addition to your bookshelf!


It's a high quality DIY kit, custom handmade bookshelf insert that captures an enchanting and mystical wizard shop alleyway. One can image themselves strolling through this very alley during a breezy summer night, browsing wizard potions and wares through the variety of shop windows, peeking into mysterious glowing cauldron, or playing with the beautiful white owl. We aim to create a lifelike diorama with each order, painstakingly and lovingly built by each of our expert craftsmen. Utilizing high grade laser cutting and 3D printing technologies, we have successfully developed a process in which every component is created with exacting accuracy, all the while burnished with an artisans touch.  Each miniAlley requires extensive fabrication, hand painting, expert assembly and several layers of polishing to create the highest quality product for our clients. Treat yourself, your friends and family that love the wizardly world with this special gift.

The Wizard miniAlley will fit snugly in your bookshelf. Its dimension is 260 * 190 * 100mm (10.2" * 7.4" * 3.9"), which falls within the average of most book sizes. Get several and create a magical world right within your own bookshelf or room!

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The miniAlley was designed so that you can easily customize to your own taste preferences. You can place your own miniature items anywhere to spice up the diorama - potions, wands, goblets, or perhaps some wizards and witches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Darius Watsica

love the result, looks great! wall lamps don't work but due to a problem in wiring, everything else in perfect order

Giovanni Graham

Harry Potter Book Nook (DIY)

Chanel Douglas

Beautiful, I have colorful and changed some things to my liking. Unfortunately in the instructions there are deficiencies and errors that are managed to resolve. The electrical system is complicated to make and the instructions do not exist.

Mohamed Monahan

I love it, the only bad thing is that when you connect the lights it started to smell burnt and they didn't turn on. I leave pictures of all xq there are parts that are not seen in the description photos to help future buyers. I'm not saying it's perfect but at least I didn't have spare parts ^ ^ PD: I wanted to upload more photos but I wouldn't let

Savion Abshire

I just got it. When I mount it I'll send the pictures with the result. At the moment it seems all right.

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